Camping with a dog! Learn these tips

Summer means it’s time for camping with our dog. It is going to be a great experience for both your dog and you. You have to do a little preparation before that day, and you are ready to enjoy with your four-legged best friends. But Wait!  Before going for camping with a dog, you need to know some essential tips. These tips will make your camping full of fun and enjoy. Read the full article to know about those tips.

Tips for camping with a dog

Understand your dog’s personality

Before you begin on the wild adventure with a dog, you should prepare your dog for camping. You should know the personality of your dog. Know whether he is daring or love outdoor experience or not. Be honest with your friend and take him with you only when he is ready to go. If you are not aware what your dog likes, go on for the picnic with him or few days trips to understand better about his outdoor activities.

Research friendly site

Search for the campsites that allow dog before heading towards your trip. Some site doesn’t allow the dog, so no use of taking them with you and you surely don’t want to get disappointment on that day. So, please do research.

Buy a flea collar

Fleas can make your dog uncomfortable on the trip, and it can also irritate you and your children. Fleas’ collar can prevent a dog from fleas. The two basic functions they perform is repelling and treating. Repelling emits the gas that kills pest and treating emits active ingredients to kill ticks and fleas. Many fleas collars are on the market, buy the best one for your dog so that you can enjoy camping with a dog. Visit this site to learn more about best flea collars for dogs.

Training sessions

Your dog needs pre-training before going to a camp. Start your dog’s outdoor training sessions before taking him on the outdoor adventures.

Prepare for emergency

At camp, you can get an emergency situation so be prepared in advance. Make a laminated card and on that put important information about your dog like your contact info. Keep the first-aid box and other essentials so that you can deal with any injury on camping with a dog. Nature is unpredictable, and anything can happen during camp so be prepared.

Few specific items are recommended by the U.S. Forest Service. These are as follows:

  • A banana
  • Mineral oil for removing ticks and a flat- bladed tweezers
  • An emergency blanket
  • A folding tool
  • Boots to protect the paws
  • A first-aid book that has the instruction manual
  • The contact details of the nearby veterinarian

Camping with a dog is not easy as it may sound, but you have to prepare for almost anything. Remember, don’t over pack the bag or take everything with you. Get a doggy water battle, sleeping pad, blanket, flea collar and most important first-aid kit.

Once you pack these things, be ready to enjoy camping with a dog. Have fun with your dog and stay safe!

If you are interested in how to prevent your dog from fleas on any kind of trip, take a look here:

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