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One has to ensure that the Dwarf Hamster is given a spacious and well-protected cage to live in. Pine should not be used as a substrate within the enclosure, as these dwarf hamsters are often seen to have negative reactions to pine. No matter what substrate is used, it should be replaced weekly, for health and sanitation purposes. A hamster wheel should definitely be provided. Also, toys should be given to the hamster in order to keep their teeth in shape.

While search through hamster cages, the first factor to be kept in mind, is that the cage must be escape-proof, since the dwarf hamsters are extremely small and playful. In contrast to big syrian hamster cages, when you buy a cage for a dwarf hamster you must ensure that the bars are close together. An aquarium is not much of a problem, and placing a mesh on top is sufficient to prevent the little creature from escaping. In case of a plastic cage or enclosure, you must ensure that all the parts are sturdy, and put together well.

You must also ensure that the hamster has protection from draughts. A metal cage, though having more ventilation, will have less protection from draughts. On the other hand, an aquarium, or glass enclosure, will provide protection from draughts. The hamster cage must also be easy to clean, as it is extremely important to keep the dwarf hamsters in a clean and healthy home. A plastic house with tubes and compartments will be more difficult to clean and maintain. The larger the accommodation provided to the dwarf hamster, the better – because you must make sure that it does not have to defecate right next to his food.

Dwarf hamster cages should be like homes, and therefore, it is important to furnish these cages. As mentioned before, hamsters love to run, and therefore the running wheel is very important. Another important piece of furniture for your pet hamster is the bed. The cage or enclosure must have a comfortable and clean sleeping area. The bed should be private. Hamsters like to build their own nests, so it is a good idea to provide them with a nesting box, where they can build their own bed. Also, if you are planning to breed hamsters, you must keep in mind the kind of space the babies will require when they grow up.

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